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Counselor Las Cruces
 Dr. Marcel Montañez, Ph.D.  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I help clients end the suffering caused by depression, anxiety and relationship problems. Through active listening and thoughtful analysis, we will work together to gain control over your emotional well-being. I offer compassionate guidance that focuses on finding your strengths. Together we will work on building confidence, tranquility, and peace in your life. You will experience a personal relationship with a dedicated professional who cares about your well-being. I will engage you in a conversation that focuses on your health, happiness and hope for the future.


Learn to practice self-compassion: The quality of the relationship you have with yourself is the best predictor of your satisfaction with life. How you treat yourself directly affects how happy you are. Make your healthiest relationship be the one you have with yourself.


Find yourself again: As a young child, you danced, sang, smiled and formed relationships effortlessly-never experiencing thoughts of pain, embarrassment shame or rejection. Your real self is kept safely embedded in your heart and mind. Let's work together to find YOU again

Counselor Las Cruces
 Lorena Griese, MS 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate


When we are struggling to find clarity and trying to cope with life’s struggles, it is important that we feel safe and heard. As a clinician, I offer a confidential, safe, judgment-free space where goals can be processed and coping skills can be learned. My experience working with children, families, adults, and adolescents allows me to be understanding of diverse situations such as trauma, grief, and relationship struggles. 


I embrace a systems-based approach to therapy, meaning that I understand how various life stressors can have an impact on our daily lives. Through compassion and active listing, we can work together in the therapeutic process. Therapy is a journey; the healing process is a team effort for both the client and the therapist. You are not alone.

 Kimberly Mejia-Rios, MS  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

Whether you have been struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship/family challenges, or even if life is just overwhelming and stressful, I am here to assist you through it. Every life experience you have been through is unique to you, and I am here to help you identify your strengths to help break down the issues you are facing. Together, we will explore the ways in which you can help yourself.

I understand seeking help for personal struggles is sometimes difficult, but it does not have to be a lonely journey. I offer compassionate guidance that focuses on personal growth and empowering the client. I enjoy helping individuals build up self-esteem, confidence, and efficacy to be able to explore the challenges and barriers that block personal growth.

Because each individual is unique, I tailor my approach to meet the needs of the individual I am working with and the issues that they want to address


 Mari Ward, MS  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

There are times in all of our lives when we feel stuck, at these moments it’s important to get help. Whether your struggles come from stress, anxiety, trauma or issues with family dynamics things can get better. Therapy can help you create the change you want in your life and I’d like to be the one to help you along on that journey. Together we can find solutions to problems as well as reach the goals you set necessary for healing.

All clients are worthy of quality mental health services. I approach creating a therapeutic alliance with my clients through compassion, honesty, care and humor. My experience with clients of varying backgrounds and needs allow me to explore the treatments and interventions that suit their lives.

Invest in improving your mental health, you deserve it.

D. Cosette Montañez, Ph.D., BCBA
Licensed Psychologist
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
ABA Stage 1 Autism Evaluation Provider

I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Michigan State University, with an emphasis in assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families. I completed my internship in clinical child psychology at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. I am also an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Stage 1 Autism Evaluation Provider (AEP), Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and New Mexico School Psychologist. I have advanced training and over 15 years’ experience in the evaluation of autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders in school-based and clinical settings. 

My primary focus is evaluating children 1.5 to 5 years old because I believe early detection is critical for optimal outcomes. I conduct evaluations in English and Spanish, remotely and in person. 

 Holly Paz, MS  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

Are you plagued by anxiety, burdened by a sense of defeat, or stuck in despair and depression? Are there problems in your relationships – partner, family members, children or friends -- that seem insurmountable? Know this: you are not alone in your suffering, and your story isn’t over. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am here to walk alongside you and your family to support healing and growth. Together, we will work to recognize and navigate unhelpful patterns of being, so your needs can be met in healthy ways, and you experience joy in meaningful connections with others.

I strive to build genuine and respectful connection with every client using transparency, humility and humor. I believe every person deserves care and compassion. My experiences in various clinical and social services settings allow me to connect with all kinds of people of all ages!

You are not alone, and you are worthy of help and support. Healing is always possible. Let's find it together.

Ellen .jpg
 Ellen Bosman, MS  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

Life is a journey. Sometimes along the journey you have a smooth road with a breeze at your back and other times it feels as if the road ahead is full of barriers—anxiety, depression, grief, family difficulties—that we seek support, a traveling companion. I am available to provide support and walk with you on your journey.

My goal is to provide therapeutic services that improve the quality of life for individuals, couples, and families.  Toward that end, I use a solution focused approach to resolve issues of concern, provide perspective and insight, heal painful experiences, and promote personal growth. I strive to foster a dialogue built on a collaborative relationship in a safe place characterized by compassion, inclusion, and diversity.

As author Ma Jian said “everything you are you carry with you, but everything you will be lies waiting on the road ahead.”  –Ma Jian, Red Dust

Let’s walk your road together.

Sasha Scaparotti Nagler, MS  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate


A trusting and respectful therapeutic relationship can be the space to face your most vulnerable parts. My aim as a therapist is to help you navigate the joy and messiness that comes with being human, to unravel the challenges encountered in everyday living and in relationships, and empower you to grow towards lasting healing.
I am humbled to join my clients on part of their life journey. You don’t need to wait to give yourself what you need.


Ileana Saenz, MS  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate


At the core of my therapeutic approach is empathy and compassion. I believe in creating a safe and non-judgmental space for my clients, where they can freely express themselves and explore their thoughts and emotions. Each individual is unique, and I tailor my therapeutic methods to suit the needs and preferences of each client, ensuring they feel heard, understood, and respected. Therapy is a collaborative process, and I view my clients as active participants in their own healing journey. Together, we work towards setting achievable goals and milestones, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-discovery. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.


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