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Behavioral Health Services

 Individual Therapy  
Individual therapy focuses on client's strengths and provides a roadmap to emotional wellness.  Our therapists are skilled in solution-focused and cognitive behavioral therapy.  
 Couples & Family Counseling 
When couples and families need assistance with relationship issues, we are here to help.  Our therapists include licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who are trained professionals.  Couples find it possible to work through issues in a safe and supportive environment. 

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 Autism Evaluation 
We are an approved by the Medical Assistance Division of NM to provide ABA Stage 1 Services: Diagnostic Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation.  Currently, our evaluator is providing diagnostic services at Meca Therapy in Las Cruces: (575) 522-9500.
Some clients might like having a therapy session from the comfort of their home.   For clients with hectic schedules or a desire for greater privacy, we can accommodate live video sessions for some clients. 
 Medicaid and Insurance 
We accept all NM Medicaid plans under the Centennial Care umbrella.  Most major insurance companies are also accepted.